About us

We are a Polish company that owns the brand of innovative car wipers OXIMO® and car accessories under the OXIMO® Accessories brand. Besides we are the executive distributor in Poland of SPARCO Kids car seats. The headquarters and distribution center are located in Łężyce near Gdynia, Poland. We are a leading supplier to automotive wholesalers and stores located on territory of Poland, we also have an extensive distribution network in Eastern and Western Europe.

Our advantages:

- Our products are available directly from warehouses in Poland and European countries.

- We run a flexible and customer-orienteted sales policy.

- OXIMO® have our own research and development facilities.

- We improve existing technical and technological solutions used on the market and introduce innovative solutions for the industry.

Our company is very successful not only in distribution but also in sports. The OXIMO® team is not only a group of specialists in the automotive industry, we have our own Race & Rally team and also we sponsor cars taking part in various fields of motor sport.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer